M. Dean Walker and Associates
Human Services, Anger Management and Financial Consultants

From the day I first opened the doors I have been committed to the improvement in the quality of life for my clients.  In recognition of this commitment  I strive to deliver high quality services.  We treat all we serve with compassion, dignity and professionalism, and recognize the intrinsic worth of each individual seeking our counsel regardless of their ability to pay.  I pride myself on my integrity, and that of my associates.

Established in 1989, and making our presence online in 2010, M. Dean Walker and Associates has always been a quality provider of coaching services for our clients. Our ethics and service delivery are above reproach, and we have built our reputation on being the very best in our profession. That reputation continues today, and will carry on far into the future. Clients of M. Dean Walker and Associates  know that excellence is a part of the very foundation of our business.

We also know the challenges  financial management and anger and how one oftentimes fuels the other.  We know firsthand the anguish suffered by long term care providers, new parents, victims of bullying, domestic violence and sexual assault, and this is why we have created programs tailored to specific individual needs.  We work with our clients to create the most effective individual service plans possible.  


Marsha Walker Eastwood, B.S.ED, MSHSV