M. Dean Walker and Associates
Human Services, Anger Management and Financial Consultants
  1. Ongoing
    Court Ordered Anger Management
    Court Ordered Anger Management
    This is a 16 hour intensive online program for court defendants to undergo anger management. The fee is $75.00 payable in three installments with the final payment due at the end of the course. Certificate of completion will be forwarded to the appropriate court official.
  2. By Invitation
    workplace anger
    Workplace Anger
    Online program for employers. Presentations could be add-ons to existing EAPs.
  3. By Appt
    Anger Management For Families
    Anger Management For Families
    Anger Management for families in crisis, victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Program includes human services assistance, financial counseling and relationship coaching.
  4. February 25, 2017
    Pensions, Long Term Care, Annuities
    Pension and Long Term Care Plans
    Program designed for pension maximization and long term care planning.
  5. Ongoing
    postpartum anger
    Postpartum Anger Support
    Individual and group programs designed to help women cope with the stress, anxiety and depression associated with the birth of a child
  6. Ongoing
    Anger Management for Caregivers
    Anger Management for Caregivers
    This program is designed to support caregivers and provide tools to cope with the fatigue, anxiety, stress and depression associated with long term care of a partner or family member.