M. Dean Walker and Associates
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Specialty Courses
These are stand- alone courses and workshops

YHow To Effectively Manage Change

Change is one of the inevitabilities of life.  Sometimes it comes out of the blue and other times it is a well planned event that doesn’t always go well.  This course is designed to learn how to understand it, accept it and make peace with it. 
Anger Management and Customer Service

First impressions are lasting ones and good customer service delivery.  No matter how big or small, customer service defines the brand.  This series includes training techniques for management and the etiquette of customer service for employees. 
Financial Management In Everyday Life

​When most people hear the term “financial management” they think of investments, pensions, etc.  But Did you know that real financial management begins almost at the moment we arrive on the planet.  This course prepares you for becoming Financially literate in preparation for financial survivor in the future.  
Postpartum Anger Management For The Family
Advance planning is the key to successful outcomes for some of the most important events in life, and the birth of a child is no different.  This course teaches families how to create and maintain a support system.