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The Importance of Planning For Retirement

Financial planning for retirement is all about the numbers - some of which include the number of hours and days in a year, and the number of years until retirement.  It is also about cause and effect.  Each year you are presented with 8,760 hours to make financial decisions that will have an impact on your future financial surivival.  For many people, procrastination is a way of life and they revel in it.  In reality these same people have actually convinced themselves of two things: they work best under pressure, and all things in due time.  

When it comes to retirement planning whatever the causes of putting it off are, the effect can mean the difference between maintaining a lifestyle or running out of money.  It can also decide the type of financial legacy you leave for your loved ones.  To show just how important financial planning is, please click the following link, and please feel free to contact us at the 440-503-8732 or by e-mail at jedwardfin@gmail.com