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How Coaching Differs From Counseling
    The most noticeable difference between coaching and counseling is the approach.   Individuals interested in our services are considered “clients” and not “patients.  Coaching does not involve diagnoses or the assumption that the client is “ill”.  Instead, we realize that since every individual is unique in his personality, circumstances as well as having unique values, belief systems and behaviors,  every coaching relationship different in itself; And even the dynamic within that matchless relationship can change in every session. While asking powerful questions and listening attentively, the coach helps to discover the resources within the client who sets the agenda. The exploration defines the present and sets out for a goal to reach at a certain time in future. The coaching relationship is focused on the client who holds ownership to all conclusions and decisions made in the session and is therefore an empowering relationship for change.
    While some would disagree, M. Dean Walker and Associates believe that trust and empathy are a part of our program and we are held to the same ethical behavior as any counselor or therapist, that being that any and all communications remains private and confidential unless the client requests the information to be released.                             Similar to a counseling relationship, the focus is on the client, who is equally unique.   We also realize that the baggage of unresolved past issues have to be resolved in the present to move forward towards a client’s goals.  Much like a counselor our coaches will also listen attentively and ask questions to encourage clients to express their thoughts and feelings. After discovering reasons for certain reactions or conflicts, the coach may offer a variety of choices or help the clients evaluate certain behaviors and take ownership of those behaviors.                                 
    Unlike therapy, our program includes homework designed to ask the powerful questions that focus on the client’s belief system or certain behaviors that paint a broader picture of self awareness and self management.                             

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